~~~Помни кто ты есть и не изменяй себе~~~
Taking revenge is wrong... VERY VERY wrong... But VERY VERY fun...

There will always be a 'lie' in be"lie"ve, an "over" in l"over" an "end" in fri"end"s, "us" in tr"us"t and an "if" in l"if"e.

*Sometimes when I leave you alone or ignore you all together, it means I want you to 'NOTICE ME'*

I true you dont miss it until it's gone

If you don't know to love...at least learn how to stop hurting..

I dont think so,i dont think often,if i think,i think about u

[ I, 1, 2, 4 Q ] <- Say it fast a couple times and tell me what you get - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OMFG